Candidates for the procedure

Disease criteria
  • Patients with metastasis to the peritoneum (carcinomatosis)
  • Patients without metastasis in sites outside the abdomen (lung, bone, brain)
  • Patients with up to 3 liver metastasis can be treated

General criteria
  • Good performance status
  • Lack of any major co-morbid conditions (such as heart, kidney, liver, or lung failure).

How we evaluate a patient for Surgery + HIPEC

Disease volume

The success of treatment is related to complete removal of all tumor tissue that highly dependent on disease volume and location.
In order to measure disease volume and location and predict success, a Peritoneal Cancer Index (PCI) is used.
We use most recent CT scans or PET scans (discs and x-rays) to record PCI. Sometimes we perform laparoscopy for more accurate staging.

Disease Biology
One of the most important predictors of survival is tumor histology (differentiation and type).
We usually base our decisions on pathology reports and review of the original biopsy by our expert pathologists.

Disease related
In order to select the best treatment for any given patient we need the following data:
  1. History of present illness
  2. Summary of chemotherapy treatments (dates and protocols)
  3. Summary of radiotherapy treatments (dates and protocols)
  4. Operative reports of previous surgeries
  5. Pathology reports
General information
A short resume of medical history of the patient, including additional diseases, taken medicaments, allergies and surgical history.